Video Equipment

Sony PMW-200 XDCam Camcorder

My primary camera is a Sony PMW200. Compact and light-weight, this camera was built with electronic news gathering (ENG) and TV production. It’s half inch sensors are full raster HD, plus it can capture at up to 50 megabites. It meets the stringent European Broadcast Union standards for long form video production.

  • 1080, 720 and SD at variable frame rates.
  • 3x 1/2 inch Exmor Full HD raster CMOS sensors
  • up to 4:2:2 50mb/s MPEG XDCam
  • Progressive or interlaced, PAL and NTSC swappable.
  • HDMI & SDI outputs, built-in timecode generator
  • XLR inputs allowing 8 stereo audio tracks
  • 64 GB SxS Sony Memory Card, SXS Adapter for SD Cards

700D Canon DSLR

With interchangeable lenses (Canon 50mm Prime Tamron 17-50mm), modern-day digital cameras open up the creative options and enable video-makers to capture excellent high definition video.


GoPro Hero3

A small and sturdy, this HD video camera can also do time-lapse and high speed frame rates. GoPros can be placed in water-proof housing and attached to motor cars, kites, footage from different prespectives.


Sony V1P HDV Camcorder

A great secondary camera with a long lens, the V1 captures to high definition footage to miniDV digital tape.

Phantom 2 Drone

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ('drone')

My Phantom 2 is a fun piece of kit and produces some great looking images, perfect for Real Estate and ‘action’ filming.

I follow the correct procedures as required by the CAA.

Lighting Kit

Critical for any studio film-shoot is a professional lighting kit. As well as tungsten-based kit, I also have a more portible LED kit. I also offer chromakey services with a green screen.


An attachment for smoothly moving the camera for video shoots requiring some smooth but effective shots.

Zoom H6 Audio Recorder

With up to 6 XLR inputs recording to individual tracks, this top-of-the-line audio recorder is very powerful for a small unit. Having a unit like this is crucial for filming with DSLR cameras which have very limited audio capabilities.

Wireless Microphone System