Video has many applications, not only in business, but family and social events as well. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Business to Business

Most companies do not operate in isolation. They need strong relationships with parent companies, or within their sector as a whole. Seeing you and your facilities helps build a trusting business-to-business relationship.

Clients: Mud House, Wholesale Landscapes

Live Performance

A DVD can be created to record all the hard work that goes into live events, such as festivals, plays, choirs and dance productions. I have filmed simple recordings for private use, right through to multi-camera DVDs for sale.

Clients: Nelson School of Music Winter Festival, Nelson Jazz Festival, Wakaktu Dance Company


Filming Your Conference

I can film the speakers creating a useful resource for all participants. Most conferences also have other events that also make them fun.

Conference Promotion

A video can help boost the numbers to your conference by showing off the facilities, the town and the event itself.

Clients: Community Patrol New Zealand, Bright Water Pools

TV Filming

I have filmed a number of reality TV shows as well as sit down interviews for TV documentaries. My primary camera fits the European Broadcast Union requirements for long form video production. View my Equipment Page.

Clients: TV One Highway Cops, TV2 Wild Vets, Sky and Prime Grassroots Rugby

Web Video

Business Profile Web Video

Online video is simply huge. Due its effectiveness, Business Profile video are almost mandatory these days. A recent study by Axonn Research found 7 in 10 people view brands in a more positive light after watching interesting video content from them. The human voice and body language on video are much more effective at conveying information and building trustworthiness than 'white page' website.

Clients: Ground Work, Deans Nursery

Social Media Campaigns

Social media is increasing prevalent in modern life and is a very effective way of showing off your company and its products. Such options include sponsored events, launch parties and photo-shoots,

Clients: Vortex Spas, WildTomato


What better way to promote your product than to show it in action. Videos can also show the people in your company, as well as your offices and/or production facilities, a proven way to increase the level and understanding and trust between you and your clients and customers.

YouTube is the second most widely used search engine on the internet. Videos also feature on standard Google searches. If you do not have a presence on the terms your potential customers are searching for - you are missing out on qualified customers.

Clients: LoveApple Splice, Brightwater Engineering

After-sales Service

Including a demonstration DVD with your product will not only help your customers get the most out of your product, but can help avoid returns from user error. It can also help reduce user enquiries - actually saving you money.

Maintaining a productive ongoing relationship with customers is absolutely crucial. Having a positive user experience with a your product will reinforce their loyalty and increase the chance they will buy from you again. No one wants void warranties because of user-error.

Once your DVD is made, the unit cost of distributing the disk can be very low. It will not take long for the disk to start saving you money on returns and enquiries.

Instructional videos are also an excellent way of building up your web presence.

Clients: Repco, EuroQuip

Staff Training

If your company has large numbers of staff, or you employ on a causal or transient nature, a training DVD can be a quick way of getting your staff up-to-speed in an efficient manner.

Video can also assist in consistency of training if your staff are spread over a large geographical area. Make the DVD once, and make it right. You can ensure that they are being instructed exactly how you want them to be.

Clients: Civil Defence, Ministry of Health


I have filmed scores of rugby and football games over the years. I have followed the Buller Rugby Union to their first national title in 2012, as well as filmed the Nelson Falcons in their junior press cup final in 2014. I have also created a library of footage for the Masters Games for promotional use.

Clients: Masters Games, Tasman Makos, Buller Rugby Union


Creating Wedding DVDs for newlyweds is such a satisfying service I offer. Not many professions have the aim of making the client cry (from joy!) after you deliver the product, but it is a frequent response I get. View my Wedding Page for more information.

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