Gigatown 2014

Gigatown is a nation-wide competition where towns compete through social media to win the top prize of ultra-fast broadband. While the prize will boost download speeds for the general public, it is businesses who will really gain.

Along with almost a dozen professional and amateur video-makers, I interviewed three owner/CEOs of local companies of different sizes of how winning UFB for Nelson would affect them.

Below is the video fo Nelson-based company King Salmon. I was amazed at how integrated mobile technology was to this $100m company. For example, they don't have any landlines. With offices around the world and fresh produce to ship, communication is absolutely paramount. Yet, sometimes it was harder to connect with their factory in Tahunanui literally around the corner from their HQ than it was to connect with an office on the other side of the world!

The video features some excellent 'B roll', or supporting footage, provided by Nelson Tasman Tourism and King Salmon themselves. The challenge with the video was compressing over 20 minutes of quality content into less than 4.

At the time of writing, I am still involved with the Giga-town competition. While we are still confident of our chances at winning, the connections and momentum built from the process has really enthused those involved. Our aim is to build on these connections - win or lose!