Our Production Process

Fraser Heal Video offers professional wedding videography services, with cost-effective packages, professional equipment and experienced camera operators. boats to private homes. I work extra hard to make sure my crew and I are unobtrusive, yet get the footage required to create a fantastic DVD that you will cherish forever.

Defining the Project

A relatively simple document is created which out-lines the goals of the video. This will include the budget and time frame, as well as rough ideas of such things as style, music, and footage. It will also outline the inclusion of other media, such as voice-overs, music and photography.


We start the Planning Phase by drafting up a story-board. A storyboard specifically matches the content (conveyed through a presenter, voice-over or titles) with the exact footage to be shot. From this we get a list of shots required for our Filming Phase, as well our script. From this we can plan the logistics of the Filming and Production phases. The film shoots are booked, along with the relevant equipment, locations, props and actors or models.


Filming and Media Creation

Once all the planning is done, we move on to the fun stuff! Often called the 'Production Phase', this is when we create all the media we need for your video. Supporting graphics and voice-overs are also created at this time



Once we have the footage and other media we need, we bring it all together and start piecing the video together. A rough cut of the video will be created. Feedback from the client is passed on for the appropriate alterations to be made.


Output and Delivery

When the video is finished, it will be provided to you in the appropriate media formats, specifically files to be used on a computer, or uploaded to internet sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

This is when DVDs can are created and copying is organised.

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